Thank you for choosing to purchase a car from Jardine Automotive Limited.

When you place an order with Jardine Automotive Limited to purchase your Jardine Select used car (whether in our dealership, by telephone or direct via our website) it is on the basis of our Terms and Conditions and is subject to acceptance by us. Please find a copy of the current version of our Terms and Conditions of Business: Sales here here. Any legally binding contract entered into between us is constituted between you and Jardine Automotive Limited (Company Registration 00153658) and any reference to ‘Jardine’ in this document shall mean Jardine Automotive Limited. Our registered office is at 770 The Crescent, Colchester Business Park, Colchester CO4 9YQ.

If you do not comply with our Terms and Conditions of Business: Sales here or if you do not provide us with such documentation as we may reasonably require in order to complete your purchase with us, and within a reasonable timescale of request by us, we reserve the right to terminate any contract between us and we will not be able to deliver your car.  We will refund any deposit you may have paid to us but we will not have any further liability to you in these circumstances.

If you wish to rely on any amendment or addition to any contract entered into between us, you should ensure that it is confirmed in writing by one of our duly authorised representatives.

When you pay your deposit and place your order, we will send you a confirmation of the order that you have submitted.  All orders are subject to availability, confirmation of the order price and, where appropriate, acceptance from the relevant finance company.

We will take responsibility to supply you with a new car to the same specification as detailed in your order. Please make sure you read the information shown to ensure it is correct and meets all your requirements keeping a copy for your records.

If any of the details are incorrect, please contact us immediately via email to [email protected] quoting your name and order number.

In addition to the order we will also send you a further email that includes a checklist of all the documents that we will require from you together with a further copy of these terms and conditions. It is important that you read this email and action the checklist so that we can achieve the target hand-over date for your new car.

On occasions there may be changes to the final delivery price of your car.  Examples of these are, but not limited to, changes in VAT rates, Registration Fees, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) or the imposition of any tariffs or new taxes – all of these are outside of our control and will result in us having to adjust the price of the car accordingly.  In addition, the manufacturer may also increase the price of the car – we will do everything we can to protect your order from a price increase however if we are unable to then we will have to adjust the price in line with the increase.  Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions: Sales here.  In all cases we will ensure that we keep you up-to-date via email of any changes and their impact on remaining payments and (should you be completing the purchase via our approved finance) your monthly payment.

Mistakes do happen and occasionally there may be an error where cars are be either incorrectly priced or described on our website which may also apply to the car that you have ordered.   In these cases, we reserve our right to correct any errors and we will not be obliged to supply the car at the incorrect price or in accordance with the incorrect description or at all if it becomes unavailable. 

Please be assured that, if we do identify an error, we will use reasonable endeavours to contact you and ask you whether you wish to continue with the order at the correct price or correct description. If we are unable to contact you or you do not wish to continue with the order at the correct price or correct description, we will cancel your order and refund any payments you have made.

We may give you notice cancelling your order at any time before delivery if the manufacturer ceases to make the model or specification of the car you have ordered, if we are unable to obtain the car from the importer or other supplier or if it is otherwise not available to sell to you.  We would then refund any payments you have already made.

If we are unable to supply any accessory or optional feature (factory fitted or otherwise) you have ordered as part of the specification, we will contact you and offer, at your option, either to substitute a reasonable equivalent or to delete the accessory or feature from your order and adjust the Purchase Price accordingly.  We will not otherwise have any liability in respect of any failure to supply any accessory or feature (where it does not constitute the main characteristics of the car).


If you have chosen to part exchange your existing car with Jardine, then we will require proof that this car belongs to you solely. This means that if there is any outstanding finance associated to the car this will need to be paid (and confirmed) before we can accept it. We can repay the finance on your behalf by deducting the amount from the value of your car if you wish, otherwise you will be required to settle the finance before we accept the car as part payment against your new car.

Responsibility for and ownership of your existing car will pass to us on physical delivery when you part exchange it against your new car at the point of hand-over.

You will also need to supply all relevant documentation and items belonging to the car (for example, but not limited to, V5 registration certificate, all keys, radio codes, MOT certificate, service history, spare wheel if fitted, parcel shelf, etc.).

If we have valued your car without physically seeing it then we will have based our valuation on what you have told us as well as the estimated delivery date of your new car.

If we have valued your car having seen it, then we would expect it to be handed over in the same condition as when we saw it, and without a significant increase in its mileage.

If things have changed or are not as expected then we reserve the right not to accept the car or to alter the valuation of your existing car. This includes when we physically see your car for the first time (which may be at the same time we bring you your new car) – we will still use the same criteria you used to value the car, however if there is any difference we will need you to settle the outstanding amount by debit card payment before we can let you have your new car. 

Please be assured that in all cases if there is a change then we will contact you once we become aware of the position to discuss the implications.


When financing your new car, we aim to provide you with all the information so that you can make your own informed decision. You will not receive a recommendation from us. We can introduce you to a limited number of finance providers to assist with your purchase, who may pay us an introductory fee. We are not a credit lender. We are neither an independent Credit Broker nor an independent Financial Adviser.

Jardine Automotive trading as Jardine Select Bracknell and Jardine Select Towcester is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit related activities and insurance distribution activities. Registered on the Financial Services Register FRN: 311345. For more information please visit

Finance terms supplied by our approved finance provider can change at any point without notice which may mean that there potentially could be occasions where the quote given changes. In the rare circumstances where there is a difference, we will inform you and at this point you have the right to cancel if you are unhappy. If any details of your order changes, we will inform you of the impacted change on your finance agreement.

In applying for a regulated credit agreement, you are confirming that you have reviewed the financial commitments of the proposed loan agreement (the deposit, the monthly repayments and the final optional payment if applicable) and are confident that you can meet your obligations. You are also confirming that you are not aware of any potential changes in your personal circumstances that may impact on your ability to make the loan repayments over the terms of the agreement (e.g. retirement, redundancy, career change, change in family circumstances, etc.).

In applying for a specific credit agreement, either a Personal Contract Purchase or Hire Purchase, you are also confirming that you have:

  • • Reviewed all the key features and considerations of all the credit agreement options offered
  • • Had sufficient information and opportunity to review the credit agreement options
  • • Received satisfactory answers to any questions that you may have had in respect of the credit agreement options.

As a result, you are happy that you have chosen the most suitable credit agreement that meets your requirements.

If you do choose to use one of our credit agreements, your finance application is based on the information that you provide. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data is accurate and completed in full. In placing your order, you are agreeing to the details you have completed being provided to one or a limited number of lenders to assist with your purchase. Please note that when applying for credit in relation to the financing of your vehicle these checks may result in up to four searches being recorded on your credit file.

If you are unsure please contact us for further help and support with the options that are available to you.


In advance of you taking delivery of your new car we will require some completed documentation.  Once this has all been received, we will be able to confirm the final delivery date of your new car (which we will do our best to ensure is on the date you chose).

If we are unable to agree a final delivery date with you within ten days we shall be entitled to cancel the order

We will require payment in full cleared funds, whether from you or a finance company, before releasing the car.

Sometimes the date of hand-over may be delayed for reasons out of our control and in these cases we will inform you as soon as we think this may be the case. It’s important to note that if you delay the agreed date for delivery of your new car then it may result in the following:

  • • A reduction in the value of your part exchange
  • • Loss of manufacturer support on specific offers limited to a specific date range
  • • Loss of finance company promotions limited to a specific date range.

Should your delivery date change either from factors outside of our control or from a specific request by yourself then we will inform you of the potential impact to your order.

While we will endeavour to deliver the car by any estimated delivery date, we will not be liable for any claim for compensation of any description arising out of a delay in delivery due to reasons beyond our reasonable control

As part of our process you will need to provide the original documents that we have requested in advance at the point of the hand over. On hand over our team will review these to ensure their authenticity and if they have any doubt they will not hand over your new car. Equally, if you are unable to provide the original documents then we will not be able to hand over your new car. In both cases we may arrange an alternative date for the hand over with you.

If we are delivering your new car to your home we will try and achieve the agreed time but we can’t be held responsible for delays caused by things outside of our control (e.g. accidents or traffic disruption).

When you take delivery of your new car you agree to inspect the car on hand-over and highlight any issues at this time so that we can ensure that they get satisfactorily resolved.  Jardine Automotive Limited will not accept responsibility for any damage discovered after collection or hand over.

You will be responsible to return the vehicle to the supplying dealership if you require a statutory refund or repair.


By submitting the order, you will have confirmed that you are resident or your place of business (as applicable) is in the UK or the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and you are not a reseller or exporter of motor cars.


The following provisions will apply if you entered into a contract to buy a car from us and the sale is completed either without any face to face contact between us and you (or anyone acting on your or our respective behalf) or away from our business premises, and (in each case) you are also acting as a consumer.  Where these circumstances apply, if you wish to cancel your order at any point up to the date of the hand over, please email us at [email protected] stating your name and order number. Alternatively, you can call us during normal office hours on +44 (0) 01344 506485 for Jardine Select Bracknell or +44(0) 1327 579335 for Jardine Select Towcester. In these circumstances, we will confirm the cancellation of the order and refund all monies paid within 14 days of us receiving your cancellation request. Payment will be reimbursed using the same method as the original payment received unless an alternative method of reimbursement is agreed between us.

Where the circumstances in the previous paragraph apply, you also have the right to cancel on hand-over and this should be discussed with your sales representative at the time. We will confirm the cancellation of the order and refund all moneys paid within 14 days. Payment will be reimbursed using the same method as the original payment received unless an alternative method of reimbursement is agreed between us.

After hand-over, if you have an issue with your car please contact us immediately and we will do our utmost to help resolve your issues satisfactorily. However, if you are unhappy, and where the circumstances in the first paragraph of this section “Your Cancellation Rights” applies, you do have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receiving your new car and if you choose to do so you must first inform us by email to [email protected] stating your name and order number.

If we accept the cancellation of your order after hand over, you will get a confirmation email. It is your responsibility to return the goods to us at your own expense. Alternatively, we can organise the return delivery to us at your cost. Distance Selling legislation allows you to test the car on receipt, but Jardine Automotive Limited reserves the right to deduct from any refund an amount to reflect the reduction in value in the car as a result of any unreasonable usage by you or due to any damage caused by you.

Where the circumstances are such that cancellation rights apply, and to allow for all items to be considered, all moneys paid will be refunded within 14 days after us receiving the returned goods, subject to any reduction in value as stated above. Payment will be reimbursed using the same method as the original payment received unless an alternative method of reimbursement is agreed by both parties. Any finance agreement relating to your order will also be cancelled and any payments made under that agreement will be refunded to you. If you part exchanged your old car, Jardine Automotive may at its option return this to you or pay you the value agreed within the original contract, less any payments made to clear any outstanding finance already made on your behalf.

This section on Cancellation Rights should be read in conjunction with condition 22 of our Terms and Conditions: Sales here


Any contract entered into between us and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be governed by the law of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


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